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TIDE Rainwear Collection
– Enhanced Weather Protection and Flexibility

Launching in October 2024, the TIDE Rainwear Collection introduces a practical and versatile weather protection solution. This line features functional rain jackets and pants, each piece crafted to endure a variety of weather challenges.

With compatibility for seamless integration with the Xplor Layering System (XLS) and a large range of compatible inner jackets, the TIDE collection allows for easy customisation to suit various professional settings and needs.

Durable and Functional Rainwear

The essence of the TIDE collection lies in its response to the unpredictability of weather. Designed for those who face the elements, this rainwear boasts superior protection features. With its windproof and waterproof capabilities, fully welded seams, and adjustable fittings for a personalised fit, TIDE ensures both adaptability and defence against changing weather. The integration of reflective details throughout enhances visibility and safety, ensuring protection in any setting.

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Integration with Xplor Layering System

The TIDE collection has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the Xplor Layering System, marking a significant expansion in our product lineup. The same inner jackets that our clients have come to rely on for warmth and comfort can now be zipped into both the shell jackets and the new rain jackets. This innovative feature ensures that workers have the flexibility to adapt their gear to changing weather conditions without compromising on comfort or protection.

Learn more about XLS here.

Product Highlights


Matching zippers makes it possible to attach an inner jacket. Choose between fleece, quilt, pile or softshell and put together a 3-in-1 raincoat according to your clients’ wishes and needs.


The TIDE collection protects employees against the elements all year round. The products are windproof and waterproof and with fully welded seams.


The rainwear enhances bicycle commuting with its long, unisex design for ease of movement, adjustable leg openings to prevent chain snag, and strategically placed reflective elements.


The products has been thoroughly tested and approved by the laundry industry and can be expected to have a lifespan of up to 6 years.


The TIDE collection is available in sizes XXS- 8XL. In this way, all employees are ensured a good fit and can wear the same rain gear.


We grant a 5-year replenishment guarantee, so that employees can maintain the same outerwear for many years to come.

Compatible Inner Jackets

Our inner jackets offer a range of comfort options, from lightweight and breathable designs to insulating layers that provide warmth in colder climates.

XLS Inner Jackets

5345 Wave Full-Zip Fleece, Unisex, XLS 1

5345 Wave Full-Zip Fleece, Unisex, XLS 1

5300 Wave Fleece Jacket, Unisex, XLS 1

5300 Wave Fleece Jacket, Unisex, XLS 1

5100 Inlet Quilted Jacket, Unisex, XLS 1

5100 Inlet Quilted Jacket, Unisex, XLS 1

5900 Inlet Quilted Vest, Unisex, XLS 1

5500 Magna Softshell Jacket, Unisex, XLS 1

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