Xplor Layering System

xplor layering system

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Each product within the Xplor Layering System is marked with XLS to indicate its compatibility with the system. This marking helps easily identify which items can be combined.


Modular Customisation

The system seamlessly integrates layers, offering versatile mix-and-match options. Clients can customise their attire to match their work environment, weather conditions, and comfort preferences. This adaptability extends to suit different staff groups, maintaining a consistent corporate image across all levels of the organisation.

Comfortable Fit

With careful attention to detail and an extensive size range, the system ensures a comfortable, functional fit for every professional, enhancing both performance and satisfaction by catering to the unique needs of diverse work environments and personal preferences.

Long-Lasting Quality

At its foundation, the system is committed to quality, utilising durable, eco-friendly materials. This ensures each piece of attire is designed for prolonged service life and dependable performance, meeting the high standards of various professional settings.