About Xplor – Vision and Mission

Xplor began with an uncompromising strategic decision to produce and supply not the cheapest product, but the best

Our Mission

Workwear and uniforms have to be durable and must look good day in and day out. Specialist knowledge of material selection and design has made Xplor’s products stand out in the marketplace for professional workwear.

Our mission is to produce professional and sustainable workwear to match any work situation.


High Quality

  • Comfortable for any work situation and in all kinds of weather.
  • Practical for any job or manoeuvre.
  • Hard-wearing and durable so that employees have a presentable, professional uniform every day.
  • Innovative and specially manufactured designs (sector-specific and sustainable).
  • Eco-friendly materials for the benefit of people and the environment.


  • Hard-wearing and durable: for profitability and reduction of resource consumption
  • Innovative designs for better recycling of textiles at the end of the product’s service life
  • Environmentally certified materials (no materials that are harmful to the environment or health)
  • Responsible production for employees as well as for the environment
  • Long-term partnerships based on trust and fair trade

Our Values

Quality and excellence in everything we do




Zero tolerance of unethical business

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