Visual Add-Ons for Corporate Wear

Reflective and Hi-Vis hoods

Xplor’s reflective and hi-vis hoods are designed to make employees stand out in low-light conditions. Its detachable design allows for easy jacket washing, ensuring the longevity of reflector properties by avoiding unnecessary exposure to detergents and wear.

Production typically starts at 400 pieces, so integration can be done during production for enhanced sustainability.

Reflective logos can be customized to your preference, including options for front, back, or upper arm placement, in either silver or color. For orders of 100 pieces or more, we offer the possibility of incorporating 2-3 colors into the design.

Shoulder Strap Kit

With Xplor’s shoulder strap kit, consisting of two ready-made shoulder straps with Velcro closure, shoulder straps can be installed on the finished jacket. The shoulder straps are designed to prevent rainwater from entering through the new seams and for easy and quick installation.

Reflective Zipper Pullers

While small in size, reflective zipper pullers make a significant contribution to visibility, as their swinging movement catches attention.

We offer reflective Velcro pullers or pullers integrated with a customized logo.

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Reflectors and Reflective Tape

We offer numerous options for adding extra reflectors or reflective tape. Placement and size depend on the individual product. We invite you to contact us for a bespoke quote and sketch.

xplor add-on reflective tape