The Transport Industry

Xplor supplies an extensive range of outerwear for the transport industry.

The products are tailored to the user’s everyday job functions across the transport industry. Extensive knowledge of the industry ensures that each product meets the employee’s needs in the course of a working day

Needs vary greatly throughout the industry: from shipping and haulage to taxi, bus and train driving and the airline industry.

  • A lorry driver often needs outerwear made from a more durable fabric, with the seatbelt constantly rubbing against the jacket.
  • A taxi driver’s jacket requires good light-fastness so it will not fade in the sun while the driver is waiting for the next fare.
  • Airline personnel need light clothing with a removable inner jacket and different thermal functions to suit the climates of changing destinations.
  • Minor details are important, too, such as an extra roomy hood for a stewardess’ updo, a secret internal pocket for the taxi driver’s cash supply, and detachable epaulettes for adding an emblem.
xplor transport industry

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