Mobility Features

Professional outerwear for optimal mobility

At Xplor, we focus on mobility, aiming to provide optimal fit and comfort for professionals in various sectors. We offer outerwear that not only fits perfectly but also enhances the ease of movement, allowing employees to adapt effortlessly to their surroundings. Our garments are designed to support layering, enabling individuals to adjust their attire in response to environmental changes and temperature fluctuations.

mobility features
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Movement is central to our design philosophy. Our outerwear is tailored to prioritize not just comfort but the ease of motion essential for professionals navigating diverse settings. Each piece is designed for a customizable fit, featuring adjustable elements like sleeves, cuffs, waist, and hemlines, alongside pants that allow for leg length adjustments. This attention to detail ensures that our garments not only accommodate various body shapes but also support the dynamic movements required in different professional environments.

Customisable Fit: Adjustable sleeves, cuffs, waist, and hemlines on jackets along with leg length adjustments on pants offer a personalised fit that enhances ease of movement.

Ergonomic Features: Raglan sleeves facilitate unrestricted arm movement, while pre-shaped knees in pants support natural leg motion. These ergonomic benefits are further complemented by elasticated inner cuffs and two-way zippers, maximising comfort.

Ease of dressing: Enhanced with full-length side zippers on pants and lined raglan sleeves on jackets, our outerwear is designed for quick and easy dressing, facilitating a swift transition between indoor and outdoor environments.


We understand that true mobility encompasses the ability to perform optimally in any weather condition. Our designs are crafted to ensure professionals remain comfortable, and prepared for whatever weather conditions they might face.

Weather Protection: Our outerwear includes waterproof materials that provide essential protection against rain and wet conditions, ensuring professionals stay dry, no matter the weather.

Ventilation Systems: Strategically placed underarm vents on jackets and side zippers in shell pants allow for adjustable temperature control, vital for maintaining comfort and mobility in different weather conditions.

Layering Flexibility: The Xplor Layering System provides versatile climate control, facilitating seamless transition for active professionals moving between indoor and outdoor activities.


Tailored for professionals who commute by bicycle, our outerwear integrates unique features to boost comfort, mobility, and safety, especially in low-light conditions and busy traffic areas.

Helmet-Compatible Hoods: Hoods are designed to fit comfortably over helmets, providing protection without sacrificing visibility or comfort.

Adjustable Sleeves and Legs: Sleeves shaped for a cyclist’s posture and adjustable leg openings prevent chain snag, while ensuring a snug and secure fit during rides.

Reflective Elements: Strategically placed reflective elements on both jackets and pants enhance visibility and contribute to safer cycling in areas with heavy traffic or insufficient lighting.