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500 Wool Frotté Work Socks

500 Wool Frotté Work Socks

Heavy-duty wool frotté work socks with reinforced sole, heel and toe

These wool-rich socks will keep your feet dry and warm, whatever the weather

This makes them ideal for working in a cold climate

5-year replenishment guarantee.

The socks come in a threepack, so minimum order is 3 pieces.

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Product specifications


64 % merino wool, 32 % polyamide, 4 % elastane

Product weight 3 pack: 300 g

Product Features

The wool-rich material helps wick away moisture, keeping your feet dry and warm. The 32% polyamide ensures exceptional durability and socks that retain their good fit

The socks are perfect for summer and winter alike


  • Black 9000


The work socks are available in sizes 36/39 – 40/43 – 44/47 – 48/51


Packs of 3, packed individually with band and hangtag


Washing instructions: Machine wash at 40°C